St. Patricks Day T-Shirts

St. Patrick’s Day is typically a big day for t-shirt sellers. Take a look around all the major shirt sites online and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Some online shirt shops are dedicated entirely to St. Paddy’s Day designs. There is good money to be made if you are willing to put in the time to create funny, creative Saint Patrick’s Day related designs. Most designs center around being lucky, leprechauns or drinking beer. The funnier the design the better. If you can’t think of a good idea start by surfing the internet for inspiration. Make sure you post your design in February. Normally most people like to by their t-shirt at least 2 weeks ahead of the holiday or special event. Although most online store will try to sell St. Patrick’s Day items up till the day off and provide 1 day shipping (for an extra fee). I’ve provided a few of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day designs. Enjoy.

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