4 Tips for getting on page 1 of Amazon search results

Do you want to be on page 1 of Amazon search results? If you are a Merch by Amazon seller you probably do. Today’s Design Tip is all about getting your product there. You can do it!

I took a screenshot of a typical page 1 for a search result. The search is “Life Goal Pet All the Dogs Shirt” but you could use any search. I used this because the results are smaller and we can see a smaller sample size. Let’s take a look and see if we can figure out how Amazon works!

What you will see right away is that Sponsored ads get the top spots. You may also notice that products with reviews and low BSRs are up near the top too. Most have the keywords “Life Goal Pet All The Dogs” right at the beginning. What else do you see?

What about design? This is different for each search result but for our sample there are a few things. Most of the shirts are black or dark gray. All the designs take up a good portion of the area on the shirt. Most are easy to read. Most are just text with no graphic or small graphic. Starting to see a pattern!

You may be thinking. “How does all of this get me to page 1?”. Here’s the thing. If you are just looking to get to page 1 you are looking at it all wrong. Ultimately what you want is to increase sales. Amazon want this too. They are using reviews and BSR rankings to help them know which products will give them more sales. Did you see that shirt with no BSR rank? Look again. They got there with no ads. It could have been the review that got them there. I don’t think that’s all though. I think it’s because everyone gets a chance to be on page 1. Amazon will give you a chance too. They don’t know if your shirt is going to making them lots of money. They need to test it out.

The question you need to ask yourself is this… How are you going to stand out when you are there? Is your design better or does it get lost because something else got the buyers attention? Do the research. Study the competition and be better! Thoughts? Love to hear it in the comments.

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